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Happily Connected

Almost a year ago I became a part of the Happily Connected community. Happily Connected is a wedding vendor directory that is local to Nashville and it's goal is to unite couples with great local wedding vendors as well as create a community of like-minded wedding professionals.

There are on average 32,000 weddings in Nashville a year (and that's only Nashville, not the outlying cities!). There is no reason for any wedding vendors to be in competition with one another because clearly there are plenty to go around! This is one of the things that Happily Connected is trying to accomplish. Helping wedding professionals promote their business while also bringing them together to help build each other up.

I have already met some absolutely wonderful people through this organization who are genuine about helping one another. The (free) monthly Cocktails & Conversation networking events are such a great way to meet new people and have productive conversations about the industry.

As a member you also get to participate in two wedding showcases a year FOR FREE! The first showcase in February was absolutely amazing and the next one in August 18 at Bavarian Bierhaus. These showcases are such a great way to meet couples and showcase the actual work that you can do for them. The showcases are a little different than others you may have seen. It includes inspiration vignettes instead of just booths of vendors. It is set up like a real ceremony and reception so the couples get a real life view of what the vendors can do for them.

Also, I cannot say enough nice things about the owner of Happily Connected, Susan Solbrig. I met Susan when I was engaged in 2014 when she became my wedding planner. (My husband and I would not have had the amazing wedding that we had without her). She is one of the hardest working people that I know and I greatly admire her. She is always responsive and willing to help you with LITERALLY whatever you need. With her experience as a wedding planning for many years, she really knows the industry.

Happily Connected has been such a great thing for a person like me who does photography as a side business. I don't have a ton of money to devote to advertising, but Happily Connected is very affordable for a small business like mine. The promotion on the website, blog and social media has been wonderful!

If you are looking for a way to boost your business, Happily Connected is a great way. And I guarauntee you will meet some wonderful people!

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