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Life Keeps Photobombing My Photography

I’ve wanted to start a photography blog for a long time and I finally am going to do it.

I have found that in the past several years, life has been getting in the way of my photography. Although my photography is only a side business, I want to make a real effort to make it more of a priority and start using my camera for more than just scheduled shoots.

I graduated from college in 2012 and ever since then my photography has kind of taken a back seat. I was so focused on finding a full time job in the field I studied that I sort of forgot how much I loved it. It took me 3 ½ years to find that perfect job, but I finally have it and couldn’t be happier! Now I want to get back into my real passion, photography.

I find that lately I have been relying on my phone too much when I go places to take pictures. Although I love my nice Nikon camera, sometimes I don’t want to fool with lugging it around with me and like the convenience of using my phone. But no more! I want to really start learning more about photography and perfecting my craft. Practice makes perfect right?

I haven’t had a scheduled shoot for at least 8 months probably, which sounds much longer than it has felt. I got married last fall, so of course the wedding planning sort of halted everything else. But I have an engagement shoot this coming weekend for a couple that I absolutely love! I will be shooting their wedding in the fall as well, which will be my first solo wedding. I am nervous because it’s a lot of pressure, but I’ve wanted to get into wedding photography for a while.

I would like to start photography something every day, or at least every few days. Even if it’s just something around the house, or outside that I find interesting. I think this will be a good way to transition back into making my photography a priority and not just something I do “on the side”.

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